New Nissan Truck Interior Teased in Video

New Nissan Truck Interior Teased in Video

Nissan just released a teaser clip previewing the interior of the truck it plans to fully reveal on Wednesday.

Widely thought to be the new Navara, Nissan representatives swear up and down that the truck being shown is not, in fact, the next Frontier. Advertising “premium life on board,” the truck’s cabin follows styling cues more in line with Nissan’s cars and crossovers than its current pickup trucks.

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The clip shows chrome finish, leather seats and the same sleek-looking steering wheel used in other current Nissan products. There isn’t long until the truck is actually revealed so stay tuned.

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  • KK Smart

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  • Shiratori90

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  • THOR

    Why is the steering wheel on the right?

  • Jamal

    LOL! A uterus… it’s funny cuz its true.

  • fsdf

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  • Finch

    It’s sold in other markets under another name. MAybe this is the British or Japanese version?

  • rooster1651

    I had to go look back at the pic. Hilarious. LOL