2015 Nissan Frontier Previewed in Navara Teaser

2015 Nissan Frontier Previewed in Navara Teaser

Nissan just released a teaser image and video of its next Navara pickup truck.

Sold as the Frontier in North America, Nissan’s mid-size truck is part of a small segment in the U.S. currently dominated by the Toyota Tacoma. Meanwhile,  Nissan hasn’t announced details about the new Frontier, but the current truck has been in production since the 2005 model year. Nissan hasn’t confirmed that the truck being teased here will, in fact, turn out to be the Frontier, but it’s likely that the design cues teased here will make it onto the North American truck.

Nissan recruited former Ram truck boss Fred Diaz to head up its future truck effort that will include the next-generation Titan being powered by a 5.0-liter Cummins diesel V8.

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Earlier this year at the Chicago Auto Show, Nissan also showed the “Frontier Diesel Runner,” which uses a smaller Cummins diesel four-cylinder engine that makes approximately 200 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque and a ZF eight-speed transmission.

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  • Joe Kaminski

    Only took Nissan 10 years to do what their truck owners were screaming for. Probably too late.

  • Shiratori90

    Trolls will keep on trolling……..

  • Joe Kaminski

    Umm…that wasn’t a troll you moron, it is fact. I had an ’05 Frontier, and an ’09 Titan, and we all were actively lobbying Nissan to give us a diesel back in ’05 because the mileage in the 4.0 and 5.6 were atrocious.

  • Shiratori90

    You do realize that diesel is just beginning to appear in light-duty trucks right?

    Like I said, trolling……….

  • Joe Kaminski

    You really are a daft little one aren’t you? Diesel is just beginning to appear in light duty trucks? Are you like 10 or something? Had a diesel Isuzu P’up in 1985. VW had the diesel rabbit truck in the 70’s and 80’s. Chevy had a diesel Luv in the 80’s. Pretty sure the Ram50 was available with a diesel engine. Outside of the US Toyota sells Diesel Hilux pickups and Nissan has been selling the diesel Navara for YEARS. So I’m thinking you’re the troll here because you obviously don’t know shit about the automotive world outside grand turismo.

  • Hoodlum

    I’m so excited for this truck. A diesel Japanese pickup!!!

  • Carmaker1

    In production since 2005? I’m not even a “journalist” and know very well the 2nd generation D40 Frontier/Navara was launched by October 2004. Not 2005 Vandezande. Anyways, congratulations to Nissan on being first before Slowyota and their ancient Toyota. Like Tacoma, but it’s 10 years old now (2004) and will still be around past 2015.

  • Shiratori90

    1. It was launched as a 2005 model year vehicle.
    2. Toyota has more than 60% market share in the mid-size truck category (in the US). Numbers and sales trump immature, schoolyard-grade insults.

  • Carmaker1

    Model years are highly irrelevant in this case (initial debut of D40 Frontier), when they are NOT representative of actual calendar years nor dated production dates. If I saw the Frontier/Navara upon debut back in January 2004 at an auto show and on the road by late 2004, it’s not been around “since 2005”. Get a clue and make sense of logical math and the workings of timelines before attempting argue that inane point.

    I am also entitled to make any digs at the Tacoma, as I’m likely more aware than you are about it. I had the (lovely) current Tacoma in my immediate family for business purposes and greatly disappointed Toyota insists on resting on their laurels, only to have developed a terrible looking design for the next Hilux and likely an equally terrible looking Tacoma replacement.

    You are not in the position to be taking offense at any derogatory marks of mine towards Toyota’s laziness. Get over it and take your naivety elsewhere.

  • Luke Vandezande

    You’re right for calling me out on the model year vs production bit. I meant to write 2005 MY and got ahead of myself so thanks for raising that and sorry for the hasty composition.

  • Carmaker1

    Thank you for correcting it, but more importantly for briefing us about the next Nissan truck. I understand that some central Nissan sources being too vague about the Navara/Frontier timeline, can mislead your own proper research at times. I am sorry that my earlier commentary to Shiratori90 might have polluted your comment section.

  • M.J.Dean

    It’s about time. The Frontier/Navara was LONG OVERDUE for a redesign. I just hope they still offer a manual transmission when it makes its debut. I used to have a 2003 Frontier King Cab 4×4 SVE(Supercharger Value Edition) with the 5-speed stick. That truck could move out in a hurry. And it was UNSTOPPABLE in the wintertime-even with 2 feet of snow on the ground and going up 9% grade hills(sometimes even steeper),the 4WD system worked flawlessly. The only thing that weighed the truck down for traction was a full fuel tank!!