Nissan Boasts 148 ‘Gran Turismo’ Cars, Teases New One

Nissan Boasts 148 ‘Gran Turismo’ Cars, Teases New One

Are you a Sony Playstation enthusiast that likes cars? Then chances are you’re a fan of the Gran Turismo franchise, and you have virtually piloted one of the many cars that Nissan offers in the game.

How many exactly? Nissan offers 148 of their vehicles to race virtually in Gran Turismo. That’s more than any other automaker. They run the gamut from the 1962 Skyline Sport Coupe to the latest GT-R, and now the company is adding another option. On June 10 Nissan will make an announcement about the next chapter in this partnership.

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While it may be a real-world car, there is a chance that Nissan will design and build a concept car for the ‘Vision Gran Turismo Series,’ which tasks automakers with designing a concept car strictly for the video game.

Clearly, Nissan loves Gran Turismo. And can you blame them? It’s packed with more action and cool vehicles than you can gesticulate a broken tree branch at. Cars range from the Lotus Europa S.2 to the insane Pagani Huayra and nearly everything in between. Of course you can virtually drive on famous race tracks from all over the world.

Click the photo below to see all 148 Nissan vehicles that you can choose from.

Nissan in Gran Turismo

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