NYC’s Nissan-Only Taxi Plan Ruled Legal

NYC’s Nissan-Only Taxi Plan Ruled Legal

Nissan might serve as the sole provider of new taxicabs for New York City after all.

When news that Nissan would provide all of New York City’s new taxi cabs was announced, there were more than few complaints. After all, being told what you can and can’t buy flied directly in the face of Patrick Henry’s famous speech.

In 2013 a lower court ruled that the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission did not have the authority to mandate which vehicles cab owners were to purchase, but that decision has been overturned in an appeals court.

Justice David B. Saxe wrote on Monday that “legally appropriate response to the agency’s statutory obligation to produce a 21st-century taxicab consistent with the broad interests and perspectives that the agency is charged with protecting.”

The decade-long contract that Nissan won in 2011 is worth over $1 billion and requires the company to provide over 15,000 taxis to the city.

Traditionally, New York City’s taxis include a mixture of vehicles including crossovers and the iconic Crown Victoria as well as more fuel efficient options like the Toyota Prius. Despite the fact that Nissan hasn’t had an exclusive grasp on the market, it is already selling the NV200 taxi to cabbies for about $30,000.

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[Source: Bloomberg]