2015 Ram 1500 May Adopt New Innovative Tailgate

2015 Ram 1500 May Adopt New Innovative Tailgate

It looks like Chrysler’s Ram truck brand is about to introduce another innovation, this time for the tailgate. 

Patent applications found by Allpar.com show off a new split-tailgate design that can open in six different configurations. Since it is split into two separate doors, the left or right side of the tailgate can be lowered individually, or they can be opened together to emulate a traditional tailgate. Each side is also capable of opening out to the right or left thanks to a side-mounted hinge.

Chrysler describes the operation of the tailgate in the patent application: “The doors can be coupled to the respective frames to selectively pivot about a second axis perpendicular to the first axis and relative to the frames and can be selectively coupled to the frames via respective door latches.”

If that description was a bit confusing, just take a look at the photo to see how the new innovative tailgate would work.

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