Scientists Develop Biofuel With Coffee Grounds

Scientists Develop Biofuel With Coffee Grounds

There’s a way to power your car with something that you probably throw away every day.

According to a recent report, scientists and researchers at the University of Bath in the UK, claim that a biofuel derived from waste coffee grounds could power vehicles. Half-a-gallon of the biofuel can be generated from 22 lbs of leftover grounds, which is about the average from a coffee shop in a day. But scientists believe if the process was scaled up nationally, chains such as Starbucks could rival oil giants like Shell and BP.

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The researchers claim that they’ve created the biofuel from ground coffee produced in 20 different geographic regions, including caffeinated and decaffeinated forms. The study found that different varieties of coffee have reasonably uniform composition and physical properties for use as a fuel.

[Source: Daily Mail]

  • desync0

    Finally a use for decaf!

  • chavitz

    Scientific fantasy in lab with little practical application in the real world

  • Cory Ray

    I sorta agree with you. At a household level, it would take me a year, maybe more, to make 22lb of coffee grounds. That’s a 28oz can per month, give or take. For half a gallon? That’s about 30 years worth or grounds to make a tank of gas. Many of us will be driving EVs by then.

    However, collectively the whole world could probably supply most of Europe’s Diesel fuel. Good luck collecting all of that lol.

  • chavitz

    Even collecting all the ground from shop to shop may costs 100 times more than saving . You have to pay someone to drive car, go from shop to shop to collect the ground while shops have prepare a special container for the ground, even collecting whole city’s ground may not satisfy a cost-effective production run ( especially during Summer, there is far less ground for collecting, then have to store the wet messy stuff in big special containers, and mold and bad smelly gas may develop from there), etc. Science is the best knowledge available for human being. However some scientists only have high self-esteem in lab ,but are shallow and stupid in real world life.

  • Honest Abe