Scion Lineup to Include Sedan, New 5-Door Hatchback

Scion Lineup to Include Sedan, New 5-Door Hatchback

Toyota’s struggling Scion brand will soon get some much needed new product, with an insider confirming a new hatchback will be added to the lineup as well as a product the brand has never before offered, a sedan.

The hatchback, AutoGuide has learned, is likely to be a version of the Toyota Auris. In many ways this function-focused hatchback will be a spiritual successor to the Toyota Matrix.

The second generation Auris was introduced to the European and Japanese markets in 2013 and is available with all-wheel drive as an option.

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Perhaps more surprising is the addition of a conventional sedan to the youth-focused brand’s lineup. That car will actually be based on the upcoming next-gen Mazda2 platform.

Past  reports have indicated the next-generation Yaris will also be based off the Mazda2 and will even use a Mazda engine. Production of the next-generation Mazda2 will begin at the company’s new plant in Salamanca, Mexico in mid-2015.

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Our source also confirmed that there are more new products in the pipeline beyond those, with continued rumors pointing towards a small crossover. A convertible version of the FR-S has also long been reported to be in the pipeline.

Scion execs have repeatedly been clear that new Scion models will not necessarily be a replacement of a current model but could be entirely new products while older nameplates, like the xB or xD could be shelved entirely.

The first of the new Scion models is expected to make its debut at the LA Auto Show in November.

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  • Rickers

    If it handles like a Mazda2, it’ll be awesome!

  • Maximania

    Am I the only one surprised by this collaboration? I had no idea that Mazda had any intention to work with Toyota. Toyota is quickly becoming quite the whore making babies with all these other companies

  • ColumWood

    For several years now there have been reports that Toyota and Mazda are working together. I’ve long suspected it was for Scion. Finally I’ve got more to go on than just my speculation.

  • whateverdude

    Nothing wrong with collaborations. Toyota is a global market for a reason.

  • Bob

    Maybe Mazda can help Toyota inject some excitement into their designs. It will be interesting to see what these two come up with. I’m excited to see these new offerings!

  • Having seen the specs on the Auris, I have an idea what I will be driving in 2018!

  • Jamal

    I’ve heard it’s a great car.

  • Honest Abe

    Scion will need a lot more folks like you if they want to keep that ship afloat.

  • True. Though the success of the Auris family abroad means that they could come over to the U.S. anyway as extra Corollas even if Scion dies. A) They’re that good, and B) I know I’m not the only one lamenting the departure several years ago of the Corolla wagon in the U.S. I know wagons and estates are not the most popular designs out there, but they work, and they tend to get better MPG than the equivalent SUVs. (For example, my current vehicle, the Scion xB/Corolla Rumion, billed as a “crossover,” only gets about the same gas mileage (22/28) as the RAV4, while the 2004-2007 Corolla Wagon got 28/40.6, without giving up more than a few cubes of cargo space. Sure, it doesn’t look as funky, but I can give that up.

  • Darrell Judd

    The Auris (based on pictures) is a Mommy station wagon. And a plain vanilla Toyota. This defeats the whole purpose of Scion. Where are the Calty designs?