Self-Driving Cars Could Arrive by 2018: Nissan CEO

Self-Driving Cars Could Arrive by 2018: Nissan CEO

Were technology the only determining factor in delivering autonomous vehicles, autonomous vehicles would arrive in 2018.

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said yesterday that he thinks regulation and not technological advancement is the real road block holding self driving cars back. Were it not for slowdowns because of legislation, he told Reuters that self-driving cars could probably be available in four years.

Late last month, Google revealed a prototype version of its own self-driving vehicle that it plans to use for testing. A long list of automakers including Ford, Audi, Renault and Volvo are all working on developing cars that can travel autonomously.

Also in May, the California DMV announced new rules for self-driving cars that will take new steps toward making autonomous vehicles available to the public. But Europe might beat California to the punch thanks to pressure brought on by premium auto makers from Germany, Italy and France eager to beat U.S. brands to the punch.

Earlier this year, an amendment to the United Nations’ self-driving vehicle rules allowed people to take their hands off the wheel in an autonomous car. If the amendment passes, it will allow cars to drive themselves as long as the would-be driver can take over if need be.

[Source: Automotive News]