Sub-Boxster Porsche Rumored for 2016 Arrival

Sub-Boxster Porsche Rumored for 2016 Arrival

Rumors of a Porsche sports car that would sit below the Boxster are rising again, this time suggesting the car could arrive for 2016.

Based on the same platform as its Boxster big brother, the car is tentatively being called the 718 and would be smaller than that car thanks in part to short overhangs on both ends and lightweight materials according to a report from Autobild. The German outlet reports that Porsche is going to great lengths to cut weight on the car with a target of 2,623 lbs.

In order to achieve that goal, the company will use thinner glass, less sound deadening and a cloth top with a plastic rear window, the report says. Slated to sit below the Boxster the 718 would serve as a more affordable product for the brand. The Boxster currently starts at $51,400 in the U.S. Autobild reports that the car will start around €39,000, which is about $53,000 USD. Needless to say, that makes it more expensive than the Boxster here, but the price would probably be lower in this market if the car does, in fact, reach production and is sold here.

Power supposedly comes from a flat 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that sends 286 hp to the rear wheels with either a manual or dual-clutch transmission. The report says there will also be a 2.5-liter version with 260 hp with more models expected. If the report rings true, Porsche could reveal the car during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in roughly a year and a half.

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