Tesla Might Build Factory in Europe

Tesla Might Build Factory in Europe

Tesla is now selling its all-electric Model S all over Europe and the company is considering building a production plant on the continent.

The California-based automaker says that once Model S sales top 160,000 units a year in Europe, they will build a factory there. Tesla is also planning to erect a research and development center that will be built somewhere in the UK either this year or next year. Also, a plan is in place to expand the company’s operation in the Netherlands where batteries are installed into Model S sedans after they are shipped from the U.S.

“My aspirations for Europe are that we sell a comparable number of cars in Europe as the U.S.,” company CEO Elon Musk told Automotive News Europe. Expansion into Europe and China has Tesla speculating that it will double its sales this year.

In the first four months of 2014, Tesla moved 3,467 units in Europe according to JATO Dynamics market researchers, compared to 2,050 units sold in the United States.

Eventually, Musk says that Tesla will also build a plant in China. Local production in all markets will help Tesla keep costs down too, which should help sales. Currently, all Tesla models are built in Fremont, California.

[Source: Automotive News]

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