Tesla Most Important Automaker in the World: Analyst

Tesla Most Important Automaker in the World: Analyst

Tesla is still in its infancy and yet at least one industry analyst says it is the most important automobile manufacturer in the world.

Morgan Stanley Research analyst Adam Jonas has made the argument that the American electric automaker is “arguably the most important car company in the world,” as the company emerges “as an emblematic force in America’s effort to foster high tech manufacturing job growth.” In his argument, Jonas points to how other automakers like BMW have been challenged to improve by Tesla’s recent presence while General Motors has a “Team Tesla” that’s dedicated to the development of long-range electric vehicles such as the Model S.

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Tesla’s “Gigafactory” battery manufacturing plant will not only inject jobs into America’s workforce, but continues to push the “Made in America” mantra that Tesla is centered around. Most recently, Tesla opened its patents to all the other automakers, hoping to help set a standard for the future of the electric vehicle market and again challenging the status quo.

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[Source: LA Times]

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  • chavitz

    This Tesla story is itself the biggest BS in auto industry. Almost weekly, there are such very hyped BS stories as tesla hype-loop technology, model x, top employer in L.A, Gigafactory, on an on, but this little auto maker has always being losing money forever . Yeah, Tesla seems living on this type of hyped marketing BS—great surviving skill though