Tesla Model S Getting Software Update, Comfier Seats

Tesla Model S Getting Software Update, Comfier Seats

In a bid to keep the Model S sedan feeling fresh, Tesla has come up with some enhancements for the car that will be implemented this year.

Some of the upgrades will come to software that runs the car, which means that current owners will benefit as well. A new system that allows the Model S to learn the driver’s habits and adjust to them will be installed along with a navigation system that offers better instructions for avoiding traffic jams. Also, drivers will now be able to name their car in the mobile app.

Later on this year, the second part of the upgrade will arrive: a more comfortable driver’s seat. This is a personal pet peeve of CEO Elon Musk, so expect the new seat to be quite comfy.

“There aren’t many products that give people joy, and we want this to be one of those products,” said Elon Musk.

Tesla has already updated the Model S with new under body cladding that helps to protect the battery from objects that may pierce it and cause a fire. New power folding mirrors and added parking sensors were also added to car in the past year.

In terms of future improvements, Tesla is hard at work on a self-driving feature that will pilot the car completely autonomously while driving on the highway.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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