Top 11 Cars With the Best Residual Value

Top 11 Cars With the Best Residual Value

2. Porsche Panamera – Premium Executive Car Segment

Porsche’s bulbous Panamera sedan topped ALG’s Premium Executive Car Segment, beating the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Hyundai Equus. As it stands (or parks) this four-door is special enough to demand very high prices in the used-car market. While controversial, it’s aged well and still delivers outstanding on-road dynamics. High prices and low prices further boost residual value.

  • Somnambulator

    Lease = fleece. buy used or waste your money

  • Jamal

    I couldn’t agree more. Buy a reliable car that’s about 4 years old and you’ll pay half price for a car that’s still got 10 years in it!

  • solongsucka