Top 11 Cars With the Best Residual Value

Top 11 Cars With the Best Residual Value

4. Audi A5 – Premium Midsize Car

Even after years on the market Audi’s A5 is still a stunner. This curvaceous coupe is simply beautiful from every angle, and ALG seems to agree; even with stiff challengers from several very well-respected competitors this car is still selling with some of the highest transaction prices in its class. Naturally incentive spending is very well controlled. The A5 beat BMW’s second-place 3 Series; Infiniti’s Q50 rounded out the podium finishers.

  • Somnambulator

    Lease = fleece. buy used or waste your money

  • Jamal

    I couldn’t agree more. Buy a reliable car that’s about 4 years old and you’ll pay half price for a car that’s still got 10 years in it!

  • solongsucka