BMW Z7 Rumored as New Toyota Supra Twin

BMW Z7 Rumored as New Toyota Supra Twin

At the rate BMW is going launching new models, it might run out of letters and numbers soon.

While the Supra nameplate from Toyota is well known and has rich ties to sports car performance, BMW might opt to use the Z7 nameplate for its version of the joint project with Toyota. The under-development sports car twins will rival the Porsche 911 in both price and performance.

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This second project car between BMW and Toyota will essentially be replacements for the BMW Z4 and Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S come 2017. What is known about the project is that it will be the first mid-engined mainstream two-seater model for both brands and will likely sport a hybrid power train with a six-cylinder engine.

Even more interesting is that this particular model might become known as the Lexus ZC/ZR, acting as a little brother to the LFA rather than a Supra replacement.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-1 Concept Live Photos


GALLERY: Toyota FT-1 Concept Official Photos


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  • smartacus

    BMW must REALLY HUNGER FOR MONEY. Not even calling it a Z5 or Z6?
    Straight for the throat with Z7 ?

  • Seriouslyautoguide?

    Toyota already had a mainstream mid engine two seater, it’s called the MR2. A car rivaling the Porsche 911 in price can hardly be called a replacement for a 25k FRS, it’s just another car higher up in the lineup. Do these writers know anything about cars? This article is useless!

  • Trommy

    I would hope they make those lines a bit more pleasing to the eye. This monstrosity as shown will never be a rival to the Porsche 911. I also can’t believe that BMW would degrade their name by making something jointly with Toyota. It will definitely always be thought of as a Toyota no matter what nameplate it has on it. That will bring down the value quickly and not many people will want to spend Porsche money on a Toyota.
    I’m not being a snob, I own a Toyota and I own two Porsches and they are not in the same league in any way shape or form. If it was half the price maybe it would be a good bang for the buck sports car but it’s still a Toyota.

  • Rickers

    You’re crazy. Well, half crazy. That FT-1 looks stunning! The not crazy part is BMW teaming up with Toyota… very odd.

  • mick

    You can already hear BMW calling Toyota a sucker and Toyota is saying Double sucker to B.M

  • Troverman

    I have no idea why BMW would lower their perceived “high-end” status by doing a clone car with Toyota. I can get the Subaru – Toyota partnership, but not this. I also can “get” that Toyota is trying to banish its “boring” reputation…they even have a whole TV commercial dedicated to telling you how the new Highlander is not boring…and yet, of course, it is totally boring.

  • Nova Fiera

    ..I still prefer the 2JZGTE vs S54 days myself. Niche vehicle (shakes head).