Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Revealed in Production Trim

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Revealed in Production Trim

Toyota has moved one step further to launching what it hopes is the next big revolution in the auto industry, revealing the production version of its new Fuel Cell Vehicle.

The new car, tentatively named the FCV, will go on sale in Japan before April of 2015 and will arrive in the US and Europe the following summer.

The FCV will have a range of roughly 435 miles and can be refilled in just three minutes. During operation, it’s only emission is water vapor.

Toyota has said the car will retail for roughly 7,000,000 yen in Japan, which converts to approximately $70,000.



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  • Joe Kaminski

    “The next big revolution”? Hasn’t Honda had the FCX Clarity for a few years now? Whi is it that Honda always seems to beat toyota to the punch but when toyota finally gets there all of a sudden it’s the “new” thing?

  • Tim

    I know, right? The same thing with the insight. It was one of the first if not THE first hybrid, yet toyota comes along soon after with the stupid prius and gets all the glory. Honda is the true trailblazer.

  • AJ Osman

    Marketing, it’s all about marketing. Prius was marketable to the masses,
    families, businesses, etc. The first insight was a small hatch…a
    niche product, and then the next generation was a Prius lookalike which
    only served to strengthen Prius’s image and standing. Toyota made the
    Prius everyone’s hybrid, and they will likely follow the same model with
    their FCV.

  • Joe Kaminski

    I’ll agree the original insight was a niche product due to it being a 2 seater. I disagree with the next gen Insight being a prius lookalike because the prius took a LOT of styling and aerodynamic cues from the original Insight. It just drives me nuts how all of the automotive press bows at the altar of toyota as if this was still the 80’s/90’s and they still made a bulletproof product. It’s not and they don’t.

  • Honest Abe

    It wasn’t just a niche product. Honda was first but their hybrid tech became outdated very quickly. Toyota basically leapfrogged them

  • Jean-Yves Jault

    I may be wrong, but I think the Toyota Prius concept was first introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in ’95; the Insight concept in ’97. Prius went on sale in Japan in ’97, the Insight much later. In the US and Europe, in 2000 – the Insight a few months earlier.
    And… Insight tech was parallel hybrid, whilst Toyota’s HSD is series-parallel, which is far better for efficiency and fuel savings. Much more sophisticated but better.