Toyota Investigating Hover Cars

Toyota Investigating Hover Cars

One of the world’s largest automakers is planning for the future, looking into new technology to takes cars further. 

Toyota has investigated the idea of developing vehicles that are capable of hovering above the road, according to Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, the company’s managing officer in its technical administration group.

Yoshiki says that Toyota has been studying the idea of flying cars as part of its “most advanced” research and development areas. Now, these aren’t high-flying cars, but rather the idea is to get a vehicle “a little bit away” from the road in order to reduce friction and improve efficiency, like a hovercraft.

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Yoshiki declined to reveal details about how far the company has gone with investigating the idea or if it ever plans to bring such a concept to market. But it’s interesting to know that Toyota is even investigating an idea that has invaded sci-fi movies for decades.

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[Source: The Verge]

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  • chavitz

    Then the road might become very dusty because of the pushing- up air

  • Jeff T

    Refused to go into detail about how much investigating the company has done. I can assume its a few drawings on cocktail napkins.

  • T

    And then what would civil engineers do? We are already having a tough time finding work. If cars fly then what is the need for roads and bridges?

  • Michael

    “to get the vehicle *a little bit away* from the road “to reduce friction and improve efficiency, like a hovercraft” …”

    Won’t that also “reduce friction and **greatly reduce** breaking power”?