VW May Double SUV Lineup to Fight Toyota Globally

VW May Double SUV Lineup to Fight Toyota Globally

Volkswagen’s seven-seat crossover for the North American market may be delayed, but the German automaker has huge plans to expand its SUV lineup.

The company is considering tripling its SUV lineup to help overtake Toyota in global sales, meaning the brand will offer as many as six SUVs in the future. Currently, the Volkswagen SUV lineup includes the Touareg and Tiguan, but as demand for SUVs continues to grow worldwide, the German automaker is well aware that it needs to expand its lineup. It is likely that SUVs will account for 20 percent of global production by 2018.

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In recent years, Volkswagen has unveiled a collection of crossover and SUV concepts including the CrossBlue, CrossBlue Coupe and T-ROC. Though the production CrossBlue model, which is being developed for the U.S. market, will be delayed until at least 2016 as the company has still not decided on a production site.

GALLERY: Volkswagen T-ROC Concept


GALLERY: Volkswagen T-ROC Concept


[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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