VW Plug-In Hybrid Golf Wagon Spied in US

VW Plug-In Hybrid Golf Wagon Spied in US

It looks like Volkswagen is getting ready to release a wagon version of the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE, and it might even be sold in the U.S.

These photos, snapped near the San Francisco airport, show a VW Golf GTE Wagon completely undisguised. Full specifications on the GTE have already been released, though up until now we have only seen the GTE badge on the shorter Golf hatchback. Hybrid and diesel-powered wagons are usually reserved for Europe, so spotting this vehicle in the US is a surprise.

Automakers regularly bring Europe-only vehicles to the U.S. for testing, so this doesn’t mean that the Golf GTE Wagon is coming. Volkswagen is planning to sell both the GTE hatchback and Golf SportWagen here in the States, so it isn’t a stretch to think that the brand would offer an electrified wagon.


The GTE offers 201 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque with up to 31 miles of range in all-electric mode. Total driving range is said to be 584 miles. Power comes from a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine combined with an electric motor, and VW says the battery will take on a full charge in about 3.5 hours.

Details regarding this wagon are sparse, as it was posted on a forum with no details. We reached out to Volkswagen USA for an official response and have yet to hear back.

Update: Volkswagen’s Manager of Product & Technology Mark Gillies responded, “We frequently test cars in the US that don’t necessarily end up coming here. We have our Electronics Research Lab in the Bay area, so they may have been looking at some aspect of the car, such as its infotainment system or battery technology. Or it could simply be in SF for testing purposes for other markets.”

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[Source: Golf GTE Forum]

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