Study Shows Safest States for Teen Drivers

Study Shows Safest States for Teen Drivers

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens aged 16 to 19, but which State is the safest for young drivers trying to hone their craft?

A new study conducted by claims that New York is the safest state to drive in for teenagers, while South Dakota proved to be the most dangerous. Rounding out the top five are Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon and Rhode Island, while the 5 least attractive States for teen drivers are Wyoming, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Mississippi and South Dakota.

The site measured a variety of factors in each state with three main veins in mind: safety conditions, economic environment and driving laws. They factor in stats like the percent of the teen population with a license, vehicle miles traveled per capita, maximum value of speeding ticket, impaired driving laws and so on.

Some other interesting teen driver facts were uncovered by the study. Utah has the least teen driver fatalities, while Indiana proved to have the most. When it comes to driving under the influence, Alabama has the lowest rate while New Mexico comes in with the worst rate of teens driving while under the influence.

Finally, the cheapest place to repair a car was Vermont, while the very worst state for vehicle repairs was New Jersey.

[Source: Wallet Hub]

  • smartacus

    NY, NJ, illinois, Cali, and Mass are safe for teen drivers? …and not just safe, but THE SAFEST?

    uh, Colorado is somehow safer than Utah and Nebraska because why?

    All the car insurance companies in USA will seriously beg to differ once they see this