2014 Kia Soul Recalled for Potential Loss of Steering

2014 Kia Soul Recalled for Potential Loss of Steering

Kia is calling back 51,641 of its Soul compact hatchbacks from the 2014 model year because they could experience a loss of steering ability.

According to NHTSA, a plug that secures the pinion gear to the steering assembly could come loose because a thread-locking adhesive was improperly applied during assembly. If that happens, the vehicle can lose its steering.

In documents filed with NHTSA, the South Korean automaker said it will replace the plugs through its dealer network at no charge to consumers. The company also promised to reimburse owners for repair expenses they already paid related to the defect.

The recall campaign is scheduled to start this month and owners can expect to be contacted by Kia asking them to bring their vehicle in for service.

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  • Shiratori90

    Not surprised……lol

  • Rickers

    I’ve driven the Kia Soul. Im not sure how you’d tell the difference between steering loss and how it normally feels.