2015 Smart Fortwo, Forfour Teased in New Video

2015 Smart Fortwo, Forfour Teased in New Video

Smart has released a new video that showcases the major differences in the next-generation of ForTwo and ForFour. 

Over the last few years, Smart has released quite a few concept cars foreshadowing exactly what we will see when the new car is unveiled, likely at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, and this new video offers more clues.

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First off, Smart’s new lineup of cars is growing in both length and width, and will now incorporate a two-box design similar to what most sedans use. The Tridion safety cell is also getting larger, with a more pronounced bulge in the back. Hexagons are also an important part of the new car’s design, used throughout the interior and exterior.

The new Smart car shares its platform with the Renault Twingo, and both the ForTwo and ForFour are expected to use a three-cylinder engine which uses direct injection to make 105 hp.

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  • I really want to get excited about these cars. I hope they: use a better transmission; don’t overdue it with hexagons and loops; and make the ForFour competitive. That is all.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    It looks more futuristic than most cars on the road right now which is good, but why the 3 cylinder engine?! odd numbered cylinders in a car should be banned. The Scion IQ has a 1.3 liter 4 pot under the hood and still gets good fuel economy, not to mention smart is playing catch up with their interior design as well as pushing the wheels out to the four corners of the car (it was done on the IQ back in 2008) … As far as the transmission goes, I have nothing to say aside from the current and previous versions being horrible, but I think that’s only half the problem. See, I don’t think they’re going to get this car running as smoothly as it could with that dang 3 cylinder engine. Like Lukas (below) says, I really want to get excited about these cars, but when look a little deeper I just can’t. I’m no engineer, but even I can see what they’re doing wrong.

  • cappytanjack

    Unless there is a return of the CDI diesel delivering real world mileage worth bragging about; I see no future for smart. R.I.P

  • smart

    The production cars will be unveiled on July 16th in Berlin. Both, fortwo and forfour will be available with manual or optional DCT transmissions. The 3 cylinder engines will run smooth and will be extremely efficient – so there is no need for a CDI diesel. The interior of these cars will blow your mind. Promised.

  • There’s nothing wrong with 3 cylinders if the engine is engineered well. Look at the BMW i8 and the 2014 and 2015 MINI Cooper with 3-cylinders engines. If you add a good turbo and and balance the engine, a 3 cylinder engine can work great. The 3-cylinder MINI Cooper has 162 lbs of torque at 1250 RPM’s. Have you test driven a MINI Cooper with the 3 cylinder? If nobody told you, you would never have any idea that it has a 3 cylinder engine. I test drove that car and put it in sport mode and could not believe the power it had. smart needs to upgrade their current engine and give it the same power and torque that BMW has given to their new engine line-up. If this added $1,500-$2,000 to the price tag to have 162 lbs of torque at only 1,250 RPM’s, it would be well worth the money. The people at smart need to copy what MINI has done and put a turbo engine in their cars. They should be able to put in a nice turbo 1.0 or 1.3L engine. Remember, this company is backed by Mercedes, so they are technologically advanced.

  • Rickers

    The Fiesta’s new 3-cyl is pretty crappy from what I understand. Lots of NVH issues.

  • That’s one of the primary reasons I prefer German engineered cars. Every now and then you get lucky and an American car maker will put a German-engineered engine in one of their vehicles. One of the YouTube videos I saw of the Fiesta with the 3-cylinder, the guy said it was not too bad. In 1997, I had a Geo Metro 3-cylinder. I know what slow is. Test drive a new MINI Cooper 1.5L and see the difference. I just hope/wish smart will copy what MINI did.

  • Rickers

    Yea, I’ve heard good things about MINI’s 3-cyl too

  • Drive one. While I was driving it I had to ask the guy, “Are you sure this is a 3 cylinder and that you’re not mistaken?” I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself. If smart can do this same thing and get rid of that awful transmission, they will sell a lot more cars. Getrag makes a lot of nice transmissions. It just happens to be the one they made for the smart fortwo is one of the worst.

  • jstack6

    The Smart-ED Electric drive is faster, smoother and 1/4 the cost to fuel. The most affordable and efficient Electric on the road.

  • MCG

    I currently own a 2009 and have just hit 50,000 miles on it so you can see that I don’t do a ton of driving. When I do however I want to really enjoy the experience. I think that SMART can make a cute, FUN TO DRIVE vehicle that has some GREAT technology built into it. I am hoping that 2015 is the year they do this or, I am sad to say, I will be moving on to the Mini.