2015 Volvo XC90 Can Keep You From Being T-Boned

2015 Volvo XC90 Can Keep You From Being T-Boned

Volvo’s new XC90 will be able to park itself or help its driver maneuver into a tight space more easily.

The company announced today that its upcoming crossover will offer a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the car much like what Nissan offers on its vehicles. Volvo positioned four fisheye cameras on the car that work in conjunction to offer the view from above.

volvo-safety_edited-1When the car arrives, it will also be able to back itself into a parking spot and navigate into a parallel space.

Volvo also announced today that there will be a standard safety package included on the new XC90 that will add two new technologies. The first will prevent the car from drifting off the road and from turning into an intersection with a rapidly approaching car that the driver might not see. If a new XC90 does run off the road, it will automatically tighten its seat belts. The company also says it designed the seats to reduce the risk of spinal injury if the car lands on a hard surface.

By 2020, the company hopes to claim that nobody in a Volvo vehicle will be killed or seriously injured.

In May, Volvo revealed the interior of the new XC90, which it previewed in the Concept XC Coupe (pictured) during the Detroit Auto Show in January.

GALLERY: 2015 Volvo XC90 Interior

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GALLERY: Volvo Concept XC Coupe


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