5 Things I Learned Moving With the Nissan NV

5 Things I Learned Moving With the Nissan NV

New kids on the block

With a new house, in a new development, why not make the move in a brand new way?

Forget U-Hauls or borrowing a friend’s pickup truck, I reached out to Nissan and was promptly delivered a shiny new NV 2500, using the new entry to the commercial vehicle segment to facilitate my own new adventure.

During a tumultuous week, I learned a few important things – about this new truck’s capabilities, and about moving a family.

  • smartacus

    Good write up, CW
    5 trips is not that bad for an entire house.
    Uhaul and Home Depot should rent these

  • ColumWood

    Thanks. Can’t say I find the time to write much any more. And that was 5 trips PLUS a big truck to move the furniture. I actually threw out 800 lbs of junk from my house before the move.. and may have damaged the Mazda5’s rear suspension. But yes, these should definitely be for rent.

  • Shiratori90

    1. Why isn’t U-Haul renting these out? 2. Why hasn’t Super Shuttle started to adopt the passenger version? Both seem like no-brainers to me (considering that they are leaps and bounds better than the dinosaurs that gm and ford are offering).