5 Things I Learned Moving With the Nissan NV

5 Things I Learned Moving With the Nissan NV

1. It's Enormous

Duh! Sure, it’s obviously big, but parked in my driveway next to my wife’s Mazda5 I’m pretty sure I could fit the Mazda inside it.

But forget its hulking exterior dimensions, the cargo area is what’s important and that measures 120 inches long and 70.2 inches wide. The standard roof height is 55.8 inches, although my High Roof tester stretches to 76.9 inches. A protective floor eats up a bit of that, as will your boots, still, anyone up to about 6’2” should be able to stand upright in it.

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Of note, the high roof models are only available as 2500 or 3500 HD versions and come exclusively with the big V8, not the smaller V6.

Despite all that size it still took five loads to move my house. And that didn’t include the major furniture or my kids’ play structure/swing set. I didn’t want to move it, but our buyers insisted we take it with us.

There are less obvious places to stow cargo too. I fit an LCD TV behind the driver and passenger seats thanks to a center console that doesn’t go all the way back. Plus, like an overhead compartment like on a plane, there are big cubbies above the driver and passenger to hold small bags or other items.

  • smartacus

    Good write up, CW
    5 trips is not that bad for an entire house.
    Uhaul and Home Depot should rent these

  • ColumWood

    Thanks. Can’t say I find the time to write much any more. And that was 5 trips PLUS a big truck to move the furniture. I actually threw out 800 lbs of junk from my house before the move.. and may have damaged the Mazda5’s rear suspension. But yes, these should definitely be for rent.

  • Shiratori90

    1. Why isn’t U-Haul renting these out? 2. Why hasn’t Super Shuttle started to adopt the passenger version? Both seem like no-brainers to me (considering that they are leaps and bounds better than the dinosaurs that gm and ford are offering).