5 Things I Learned Moving With the Nissan NV

5 Things I Learned Moving With the Nissan NV

4. NV kicks a pickup truck’s butt

You know that friend you have? The one you only have because he has a pickup truck and you think you’ll need to borrow it some day?

Well, it’s time to break up with him. . . and find yourself a friend with one of these.

It can haul heavy loads like a pickup (this 2500 model has a payload rating of around 3000 lbs) and because of the high roof you can really make the most of that.

Stack boxes to the sky. Throw in mattresses without worrying they’ll fall out the back. Or toss in a lazyboy without worrying you’ll look like a hillbilly. Plus, there’s no need to be concerned about rain.

The sliding side door also provides a unique advantage. If you organize your load carefully, you can retrieve items from the back without having to climb over (or unload) everything else.

One of the biggest advantages over a pickup came when I was hauling the last useless bits (broken desks, unwanted wedding gifts and lamps. . . lots of lamps) out of the old out house and to the dump. You don’t need to secure it, cover it up or tie it down. . . just toss everything in. Just watch you feet when you swing open those rear doors.

About the only thing my NV could have used would have been a ramp.

  • smartacus

    Good write up, CW
    5 trips is not that bad for an entire house.
    Uhaul and Home Depot should rent these

  • ColumWood

    Thanks. Can’t say I find the time to write much any more. And that was 5 trips PLUS a big truck to move the furniture. I actually threw out 800 lbs of junk from my house before the move.. and may have damaged the Mazda5’s rear suspension. But yes, these should definitely be for rent.

  • Shiratori90

    1. Why isn’t U-Haul renting these out? 2. Why hasn’t Super Shuttle started to adopt the passenger version? Both seem like no-brainers to me (considering that they are leaps and bounds better than the dinosaurs that gm and ford are offering).