5 Things I Learned Moving With the Nissan NV

5 Things I Learned Moving With the Nissan NV

5. It can make you cool

With the right crowd that is. That crowd, in this particular instance, is all of the contractors and trades working in my new subdivision. Being one of the first families to move in, we’re surrounded by dust and dirt and booms and trucks and lots and lots of manly men. These guys know trucks. They all drive trucks. And they beat on trucks.

I know Nissan did me a huge favor, sourcing me an NV for my move, but honestly, with all the free marketing I gave them, they should but cutting me a check. My shiny white NV 2500 was like a big ad parked in my driveway; lusted after by every guy that drove past in his rusty, squeaking ‘90s-era cargo van.

And they did more than just look. The installer for our gas appliances had a look around the thing and seemed seriously interested. What does he drive? A GMC he lovingly refers to as “junk”.

What particularly impressed him were the 57 integrated attachment points for cargo systems. Much less fancy, I just used them to hook bungee cords up to, to keep stray items in place.

And whether you’re a pro or just an amateur mover, you have to love the swing around doors that stick to the sides with magnets.

Priced from $25,750 our tester retails for $31,490. Manufactured in Canton, Mississippi find out more about the Nissan NV here.

  • smartacus

    Good write up, CW
    5 trips is not that bad for an entire house.
    Uhaul and Home Depot should rent these

  • ColumWood

    Thanks. Can’t say I find the time to write much any more. And that was 5 trips PLUS a big truck to move the furniture. I actually threw out 800 lbs of junk from my house before the move.. and may have damaged the Mazda5’s rear suspension. But yes, these should definitely be for rent.

  • Shiratori90

    1. Why isn’t U-Haul renting these out? 2. Why hasn’t Super Shuttle started to adopt the passenger version? Both seem like no-brainers to me (considering that they are leaps and bounds better than the dinosaurs that gm and ford are offering).