AutoGuide Gearing Up To Tackle Targa Newfoundland

AutoGuide Gearing Up To Tackle Targa Newfoundland

AutoGuide hot-shoe Dave Pratte is headed to Newfoundland, Canada in September, piloting a Scion FR-S with fellow Speed.Academy Editor Peter Tarach during the grueling Targa Newfoundland tarmac rally.

In partnership with Scion Racing, Dave and Peter are rebuilding a hand-me-down FR-S from Scion Canada’s Tuner Challenge program, starting with a complete redo of its roll cage (the car was otherwise stock when they adopted it).

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According to Dave, “Competing at Targa Newfoundland has been a long-standing dream of ours, and we’re doubly excited to be taking on this unique motorsports adventure in what we consider one of the top handling sports coupes on the market, the Scion FR-S. We’ve also partnered with some of the best performance parts manufacturers and distributors in the business as we prepare the FR-S for the extreme conditions it’ll face in Newfoundland, including KW Suspension, Rays Engineering, Whiteline, Recaro, Takata, Motovicity, Essex, SPEC, Tomei, Downforce USA, Spyder, and Alpinestars.”

Best of all, Dave and Peter will be installing all of the high-performance goodies themselves and documenting the entire process in a series of stories and videos here on AutoGuide. You can also check out their progress in the build thread they’ve started on, and on their own website, Speed Academy.

As Peter put it, “Driving flat out on twisty public roads in a Scion FR-S is truly the stuff that car-guy dreams are made of. The fact that we get to modify our loaner FR-S ourselves also means we’ll be able to dial it in to our specific needs and style while forming that special man-and-machine bond every gearhead can relate to.”

As you’ll see in the first of their build videos, they got off to a bit of a rough start, but there should be smoother sailing (or wrenching) ahead. So stay tuned as these two grassroots speed junkies prep their FR-S for Targa Newfoundland, one of the toughest tests a road car is ever likely to face.

  • Rickers

    Go get ’em guys!

  • Honest Abe

    I want to see more pics of the car

  • Jeff T

    Good luck guys. Lots of water. Gotta beat Jim McKenzie in his Mini C that he drives there….he did win a hypermiler challenge. Make sure you have tires for the rain!

  • Rickers

    LOL. That’s not nice…