BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Not Getting ‘M’ Variant

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Not Getting ‘M’ Variant

BMW has no plans to build a performance version of the 4 Series Gran Coupe. 

According to, the German automaker will not give the ‘M’ performance treatment to the 4 Series Gran Coupe. Besides being slightly irrelevant, as this car would be nearly identical to the M3 in everything but styling, the 4 Series Gran Coupe is built in a seperate factory from the 3 Series and 4 Series, which would make production a challenge.

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But have no fear, there will be ‘M’ versions of the 3 Series Sedan and Convertible along with the 4 Series Coupe and Convertible, so buyers will have plenty of choices.

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  • Well

    Audi has no ‘S’5 sportback, there is no real rival or an excuse to make an ‘M’4 gran coupe…

  • Rickers

    Ugh.. no one cars. Stupid BMW making versions of everything. How about an M3 that isn’t a heavy pig.

  • smartacus

    this is incongruent! BMW confirmed X3M and even possibly an X1M (and you know they’re gonna make a Z4M)

    Jörg Bartels the boss of M-sales just got quoted saying “all BMWs are eligible for an M model”
    here is the quote from right here on Autoguide: