Chrysler Speeds Up Jeep Recall Repairs

Chrysler Speeds Up Jeep Recall Repairs

Chrysler says that it can have a recall to fix around 1.56 million Jeeps finished by March, much sooner than the timeline of a few years the company estimated as first. 

The American automaker said as much in a statement on Wednesday, about two weeks after NHTSA pressed the company for an explanation on why it would take so long, until 2018, to have all of the vehicles fixed. The recall involves installing trailer hitches to protect the fuel tank on 2002 through 2007 Jeep Libertys and 1993 through 1998 Grand Cherokees.

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The American brand has accelerated the process in a number of ways. First, the company says many of the older models that were recalled are no longer on the road, and many of the Jeeps are already fit with hitches. Chrysler also urged its supplier to ramp up production on hitches, and even paid for new robots to help the process.

Chrysler says that roughly 87.5 percent of the Jeep Liberty SUVs and half of the Grand Cherokee SUVs invloved in the recall actually need to be fixed.

Originally, Chrysler resisted the entire recall, saying that there was no defect in its vehicles according to its own data. Eventually, it gave in to NHTSA’s request.

[Source: Auto News]

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