Cummins Ethos E85 Turbo Four-Cylinder Engine Unveiled

Cummins Ethos E85 Turbo Four-Cylinder Engine Unveiled

Cummins is looking to the future with a turbocharged four-cylinder E85 engine.

Yesterday, the company unveiled its new Ethos 2.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that runs on E85 and provides 250 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. The engine is being developed with partial funding from the California Energy Commission in hopes of producing a low-carbon, medium-duty commercial engine.

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According to Cummins, the engine has specific tuning to take advantage to take advantage of the unique properties found in E85 and is projected to cut CO2 emissions by as much as 50 to 58 percent on corn-based ethanol and as much as 75 to 80 percent with cellulosic-based ethanol. The company is currently testing the powerplant with an Allison 2000-series transmission with auto start-stop to further enhance fuel economy.

Still currently in the testing phase, no timeline for production or availability has been announced.

  • Chris_in_Kalifornia

    E85 diesel? or E85 gasoline? I’ve never heard of E85 diesel. I’d love to have a nice modern 4 or 6 cyl inline diesel that’s light enough to put in my 69 mustang. Having something that different that gets awesome fuel mileage would be so cool.

  • 4door_supra

    E85 is 85% ethanol alcohol 15% gasoline.

  • kitko100

    nice modern 4 or 6 cyl inline diesel that’s light enough to put in my 69 mustang you say. I say VW TDI, I get 42 mpg with an automatic.

  • big fish

    I cant wait to own one

  • John Ceccarelli

    I run a Drag Car that I use E98R and up to E110R its a Renegade Race Fuel even in the original E85R version this fuel makes a motor last so much longer as it runs alot cooler. Even when your driving these cars under the most Extreme conditions you can tell the difference with the R versions of this fuel. My current new project is running on 110 octane which is hard to find and cost me $7.30 a gallon I can convert this car to run on the E85R, E98R for $425.00 and save almost 3.00 per gallon its still hard to find in the Race versions but makes way better power more consistant time slips and is way better on the motor keeping High engine temps under control. Alot of people want to discount the usefull properties of E85 mainly because of the way our fuel stations handle the E85. Its a much more complex fuel than we have ever had and requires a whole different way to store it as ethanol will attract moisture if kept the same way gasoline is kept. This moisture makes the fuel operate poorly in every day use as our Government has not stepped up and made the oil company’s store this fuel at their facility’s in a manner which keeps it fresh. Of course this would take away from the ability to buy it at a good price at your local fuel station. But the people who sell Race fuel still sell this fuel for a profit but are able to keep it pure and clean and the Race versions really can bring out the best in any type of race vehicle with a simple coversion to the Carb and fuel system. I love the Race versions of the E85R its all in the way its made and stored keep up the great work VP race fuels Renegade Race Fuels and other Company’s who recognise the importance of selling the customer a cleaner more pure version of what they should be getting from the big money oil company’s.

  • T.Lynch

    diesels dont have spark plugs.

  • kell490

    E85 is a ridiculous replacement for gasoline on a mass scale it’s been pushed by the corn industry for years and never gotten anywhere. While E85 has some great performance advantages over gasoline it’s never going to be a replacement fuel. The only way I see it is if they can make your car get 100 mpg on the stuff.

  • E

    Remember this is through a California government program. So it’s free R&D money and no risk if the program fails. From a financial standpoint this is a no brainier from Cummins. From a California tax payer perspective however…

  • kell490

    The big thing the E85 industry has been trying to do is use callous conversion using gassification or enzymes basically turning lawn clippings and other weeds into E85. The process so far has not yielded a results which has been cost effective but they keep trying. Central American country’s have been using E85 for years growing sugar based plants. Both are not anywhere capable of powering cars on a world scale. If Cummins could get a very high efficient engine to run it could be a game changer it would have to get 100 mpg with good enough power to run most cars and trucks. The GM bi-fuel SUV’s have always made me laugh because you have a low compression gas guzziling V8 that can run on E85 you can only go about 1/2 the distance on a tank of the stuff so most of those that GM manufactured never saw a drop of E85 in the tanks.

  • Bob

    Lynch. You are a friggin GENUIS!!
    Many years ago, International had a Diesel that had spark plugs.
    It started up on gasoline then switched over to diesel.
    Let the fun begin………

  • Ivano

    The race car simpleton thinks ethanol is great… and he pay $7.30 a gallon for it. He claims he achieves higher fuel economy. He must be drinking the stuff… in large quantities. Physics and Chemistry tells a different story. Destroys engines and lowers fuel economy. I hope he keeps drinking the stuff so he does not live long enough to keep voting for Democrats who are forcing this junk science on the working class public. It is also destroy marginal land that should not be used for planting corn… or anything else… and poisoning ground water with the application of agricultural chemicals…

  • kell490

    Be careful running E85 at high boost I have melted a few pistons it would not run as high boost as we could get with race gas but we took a few lbs off and it worked fine we ran it on the rich side. I wanted to play around with 100% alcohol I suspected the 15% gasoline that is in E85 was the issue but I would have build my own still never did it we could not get anything but E85 here.