Dodge Viper Production Paused… Again

Dodge Viper Production Paused… Again

Chrysler is putting a temporary stop to production yet again as it struggles to clear its glut of it high-end sports car.

AutoBlog reports that Chrysler is idling Viper production at its Conner Avenue assembly plant in Detroit again. Chrysler briefly resumed production of its halo car from June 23 to July 3 after halting production for two months. But rather than re-starting assembly following the July 4 long weekend, the company is putting the Viper back in a holding pattern.

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Chrysler’s supply of Vipers climbed from a 202 to 296 day supply between May and June with an inventory of 700 units according to data from Automotive News. The 2014 SRT Viper carries a starting MSRP of $104,840 including delivery and is proving to be a tough sell. C

hrysler launched the Viper ahead of Chevrolet debuting the seventh-generation Corvette Stingray, which is less powerful but also much more affordable. Meanwhile, Chevrolet is preparing to launch a new Z06 version of that car that will trump the Viper with a more powerful engine although pricing for that version hasn’t been announced.

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[Source: AutoBlog]

  • Auto Motive

    Viper production should be stopped… retool for the new hellcat v8 in place of the v10. Next up is robot painting to lower the Vipers cost. Cost cutting is needed to compete with the new generation Z06 rumored to be priced at $85-89k base upward to about $115k fully optioned. 650hp torque vs the new Vipers mighty hellcat at 707/650…who is going to be the winner??? at the same price that is.

  • Viper

    I love vipers and i think there are nothing wrong with the new viper if nobody are buying them.Dont care it will be a collectors item and plz no hellcat in the viper
    What makes a viper is the 8.0 liter V10 remove that and its not a viper anymore

  • Jamal

    That SC V8 in the Viper would be badass! Maybe with 800 hp!

  • Felix James

    I have to agree. That V10 is badass!

    They just have to find a way to make this thing sell.

  • Conspiracyin559

    Getting it to sell is easy….

    Give it an all new platform that is competitive against its competitors
    A competitive new V8 Powerplant
    A First Class interior, not just a redressed version of the old one.
    Tackle the Quality control Issues.

    Price it around $60,000…

    Problem solved.

  • Conspiracyin559

    Cars are only become collectors items when the Demand to own one outstrips a very limited Supply…

    given the not so limited production numbers and the fact those aren’t selling…this one not so much

  • Honest Abe

    So… Dodge should just start rebadging Corvettes?
    Otherwise, it doesn’t sound easy at all.