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 |  Jul 09 2014, 4:31 PM


If you’ve been dreaming about driving on the Autobahn, you might want to plan your trip to Germany soon.

The country wants to charge foreigners starting in 2016 to use its roads and Autobahn highways in order to help pay for the country’s infrastructure according to Germany’s transport minister. According to a report, vehicles registered outside Germany will pay about $13 for a 10-day badge or $26 for a two-month permit. Those that plan on staying in Germany for a year can shell out over $130 for an annual pass. Exact pricing on the annual pass will differ based on the vehicle’s age, engine size and emissions.

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The charges will also apply to German residents, but they will be compensated through a break on their motor vehicle tax in a proposal that would “conform with EU law,” according to Alexander Dobrindt, Germany’s transport minister.

According to Dobrindt, foreigners make 170-million trips to or through Germany annually and predicted that the new tolls could return $3.41 billion to the country.