Hyundai Veloster Might be Axed After One Generation

Hyundai Veloster Might be Axed After One Generation

Hyundai’s heavily styled Veloster hatchback might not get a second crack at the market.

last year, the company has only managed to sell about 60,000 units globally according to a report from Australia’s GoAuto. That might not be enough to justify a second generation of the three-door front-wheel drive hatchback. Over half of those were delivered to the U.S. and Canada where sales declined in 2013; the second full year of sales for the model.

The Veloster will get a mid-cycle refresh soon, but an unnamed Hyundai executive is quoted in the report saying the vehicle has a undecided future after that. Hyundai launched the car in 2011 and since then it introduced the Turbo model and Turbo R Spec models. The company also offered optional matte paint from the factory, which is an option typically reserved for much more expensive cars.

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[Source: GoAuto]

  • Get_at_Me

    The veloster seems to be very popular for being such a unique vehicle. Sure, it doesnt sell as well as an elantra, sonata or even the genesis coupe, but it does fairly well. Its also safe to say that veloster production in general is very limited compared to flagships in hyundai’s line up.

  • Tj SplaT Hooker

    they’ could just sell it as a Hybrid eco flag ship, yet again! they’re gonna AXE Gen coupe 2.0T they might as well put that engine into this one, make it RWD and be the true R-spec Line for this flagship and it sure sells for lots of enthusiasts out there. would you all agree?

  • Pagan

    Love my Veloster, but there’s problems with it. The tires are horrific first off. Six blowouts in 2 years of ownership, and on potholes that most cars would laugh at. The radio has been a disaster from day one, sometimes deciding not to recognize both my iPod AND my cell phone. Three headlights have burned out in 2 years. Lots of little glitches.

  • Andy

    Love the car bought new in 2012 and haven’t had a single issue.Yeah the tires are garbage and probably won’t make the 50,000 km mark dispite rotating them every 15,000 km. But other than that I have been very happy with my ride although I should also say I don’t winter drive it as Canadian winters are to harsh for this little car and I have a 4×4 for that purpose!

  • Charles

    I Love mine. Had it a year and am at the 30k mark on miles. Have Had no tire problems. The car is a niche product, to be sure, but it is a great balance between the practical and the sporty. I have a 100 mile a day commute, so I needed something that could drive well, be comfortable, but also be efficient. The Veloster fits the bill perfetly

  • ChristianWilliamson

    all they need to do is bring this in line with the focus st.

    so give it some kind of break diff at LEAST (real lsd would be better, but being realistic here, people would settle for a brake diff since thats all the focus and fiesta st’s have).

    throw some better brakes in the front and up the boost a bit.

    they wouldnt have a problem selling these at all then. thats all they really gotta do. as it sits now, its the lowest performer numbers wise in its segment (when compared to the focus st)

  • Pamela Stephenson

    OMG! Someone with more problems than me! To be fair though my local dealer replaced the stereo 4 times. I found out it cost them $6000 each time. The last one, replaced at xmas, had a clock than can be programmed. The previous ones were like a smartphone & connected to to internet to get the time but it was always wrong. I had all the other problems you mentioned too. Thankfully this last one appears to be working as it should. No more problems with phone or ipod! 🙂
    Now I just have to get the indicators, speedo, sunroof, cruise control & stability control fixed!
    Ask for it to be replaced under warranty. Their stupid diagnostic computer didn’t find any problem with the stereo but they couldn’t fix the time & it was pretty obvious there was a problem! Same with other problems – no problem shows on computer – doesnt mean it works properly! Good luck!

  • Pamela Stephenson

    I love my Veloster +. It is the 2012 model (1st release in Australia) & yes the low profile tyres are ridiculous. We had floods in 2011 & the local roads for 100kms around have fallen apart, been patched & fallen apart. I drove like a drunk person swerving around potholes. Then I got very nice black spoked 17″ mags with higher profile tyres. Fantastic result! Considering there were very few wheels to choose from + a bonus 2 rims and tyres cost same as one Veloster rim. Handling & ride both greatly improved & I can even hit a pothole without worrying about damaged tyres. And my car looks sooooo much better!

  • Sammy Z

    It’s not selling very well because Hyundai reliability for the little stupid ish is….well, at a Hyundai level of quality, which means, it sucks! It also happens to with in an incredibly competative car market where the competition is chok full of amazing vehicles (Fiesta ST anyone?) Hyundai needs to get their ish together regarding quality/reliability.

  • Kawkster Hayashi

    Sammy, I bet you haven’t owned a recent model Hyundai.

  • Sammy Z

    Own a 2013 Genesis Coupe and it spends more time at the shop than in my driveway….and I’m not the only Genesis owner with these issues.

  • Hammonyay

    I agree, here is mine

  • Scribbles

    LOL, Fiesta? you lost me at Fiesta

  • Wes

    I thought it was cute and looked like a mini gen coupe, which my wife has. It was underpowered… I didn’t expect it to be a gen coupe, but it felt weaker than my 10 year old honda element.

  • MJ

    Your point is well taken. Hyundai has dramatically increased quality and reliability in recent years. However the issue may be with this model specifically. The forums are filled with stories about the DCT.

  • MJ

    Yeah, especially the RWD part. What would that do to price though?

  • dyne

    Gorgeous. What are those rims? They are picture perfect


    I enjoy my Turbo but they completely lied about the mileage. There are a million stupid little problems with the car. My main issue is the handling sucks (Turbo same as base model). While there is a lot of competition the base Turbo is loaded compared to other cars. That is why I chose the VT.

    The main issue is with marketing. When was the last time you saw an ad on TV? Answer never. You rarely see one even when it is a broad Hyundai fleet ad.

  • Tj SplaT Hooker

    It should be lined up between $25k to $30k range, it be going against brz/frs

  • Carl D

    My son has a 13 Remix, not a bad car but he has had EPS issues with it. The first time the “reflashed” the computer, the 2nd time they changed out the steering column. This time they have not told us what they have fixed but they also have not finished the 100 mile test drive I asked them to take. If it happens again I told them that Hyundai NA will take the car back under the Lemon Law. I hate to see the model go away, it is a nice niche car for sure, but,t here seem to be lots of “little” bugs with it too.

  • OC

    Had a Veloster. Not only was it the worst car I’d ever owned, but Hyundai was an absolutely miserable company to deal with from the day I drove it off the lot to the day I went to court for my lemon law hearing and beyond.
    Glad to see it mercifully killed off.

  • OC

    Six grand? Where are you? Here in the US a faulty radio is replaced with a remanufactured part that costs the dealer $184 and it takes three hours of labor.

    SOURCE: I had mine replaced five times before I ditched the car.

  • Sammy Z

    Have you driven one? Sure the interior is disgusting (though the seats are amazing!) but the car absolutely tears it up on the track! I was so impressed that I’ll likely buy one for the wifey.

  • Sammy Z

    Hyundai quality/reliability has taken great strides and have learned how to totally nail the hard stuff most other manufacturers cannot, but they are sorely lacking in the small stuff dept. Things like: interior creaking, fit/finish, sensors being properly plugged in, body welds that crack or were poorly welded from the factory, are just some of the dumb problems that they need to address. Whomever designs cars for them must be pulling their hair because the QC dept is ruining their reputations.

  • Ed

    You’re not alone. My velo had barely 15k miles on it before the transmission burned up… completely. I had multiple statements from other mechanics that it wasn’t the fault of my driving, but most likely a failure in the way they put the parts together.

    Not only was Hyundai useless, but they were absolutely mean. If I wanted to waste more time and money on the car, I would have filed a lawsuit. I sold that thing as fast as I could.

  • I own a Veloster Turbo and drive it to work everyday. For me, Veloster is such an amazing car that fits my needs so well, except the MPG. 20000 kms within one year, had no problem at all. not very expensive, awesome looking, full of fun when driving, the unique three doors design and hatchback… to me , VT is my ideal car!!(sure not dream car)

  • Whopper

    Pamela, and chance you can tell me what mags/tires you got? i’m looking to do the same thing. Thanks!

  • Michael

    Couldn’t agree more! Mine is 2012, I purchased with 3k miles now has 66k+, have not had ONE issue with this car. I avg 33-36mpg which is better than my SmartCar which never got over 33mpg & I gained so much in the Veloster. total fun if you turn off ECO mode. Great car overall.

  • cherokee

    My wife just traded in her 2013 DCT non-turbo with 14k miles for a 2014 Elantra. The Veloster had very cheap interior materials and was wearing out after such a short time. This car was a big disappointment. Gas mileage was much worse than avertised and the car is severely underpowered.

  • Lyle G.

    Hyundai’s are for cheap people and will always be seen as the Chinese version(or Korean) of Jap crap.

  • Sarcasmo

    Korean cars SUCK and yeah, they are for wannabes or cheapies who can’t afford a Japanese GOOD car.
    This POS was obviously a fake me out CRX… which it will NEVER be.
    Like I say, “I’d rather drive an old Toyota than a NEW Hyundai.” LMAO

  • hmm

    I made the biggest mistake in my life for this piece of shit Traded my 2003 GMC Savana southern comfort for this biggest f ing mistake ever.

  • hmm

    I will never buy another hyundai

  • hmm

    I give it zero stars

  • ddd

    Reading some of the comments here I’m a little baffled. I got a 2013 Veloster (base model – all standard, nothing special), over 36K miles, and I haven’t had any of the problems you all are listing. No tire blow outs (and they’re the same tires from Jan 2012), no transmission problems (although I admit the transmission is crappy – like minor grinding and some issues getting into gear when I’m not even doing anything wrong or driving rough and I know manual – I learned on manual and I’ve always owned manual), no engine issues, etc…Only thing I have had problems with is my phone/pandora connection not wanting to play nice sometimes and now in the last two days the clock is always wrong (stays the time I last turned it off).

    But everything else? I don’t see why you’re having such hatred. Great storage space for size, can carry 5 people including myself, drove through ice COVERED roads – everyone else was crashing and I was just cruising along even up and down steep icy hills, drove cross country over 5 days (Tacoma to LA to Virginia), decent handling (sure it’s not a performance auto so you can’t expect that much) and I drive AGGRESSIVELY – I took it up and down the winding roads of Mt Rainer at 90-100 mph on turns that were posted at 25mph without even a squeek from the tires and I got reckless driving 94 in a 55 on a windy back country road in this thing this year…Now I understand I’m a “dangerous” driver (to be fair these roads are unpopulated and it was late at night in both circumstances so only thing I have to worry about is deer and thats my problem – no one elses)
    Anyway – I understand it’s not a dream car. It’s not a sports car. It’s a cheap (base price $18K) typical commuter car. YES it needs some upgrading and modification, but for the price it’s NOT THAT BAD- so give it a break.

  • Elena

    I owned a 2013 Ford Fiesta, drove it off the lot nov 2012 with 9 miles… Not even 6 months later, 20000 miles away from home the transmission started slipping, get it back home and it completely went. They has it for 34 days. The transmission went 4 more times til ford bought it back as a lemon. I own a 2014 Veloster and have had not one issue with it. Don’t waste your money, or energy on a fiesta

  • Sammy Z

    Edit note: I own a 2013 Genesis Coupe track and I love the car……except for all the parts I don’t love. Luckily, once I dealt with all the little stupid ish, the car has been fantastic. It has nice grunt, good looks (you love it or you’ll hate it) beautiful interior and feels like it was designed by a driver to be a driver’s car………………but the interior still squeaks like a mickey mousecapade.

  • Martin Bowker

    I have had mine for 2 weeks. I got the Rally edition. The only thing I am not happy with so far is the stereo. I thought it would have good sound quality and it definitely does not. Not at low volume or any volume. Good thing I have XM and can listen to comedy or sports radio. The car drives great and I get great mileage. Love the way this car shifts and the 3rd door is the TITS.