Jaguar Land Rover Details New Turbo Engine Family

Jaguar Land Rover Details New Turbo Engine Family

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed its next-generation engine family: Ingenium.

The all-new family of compact, lightweight, low-emissions diesel and gasoline turbocharged engines are designed to deliver both fuel efficiency and performance, according to the British automaker. Expect the upcoming Jaguar XE to be powered by an engine from the Ingenium family, especially since the company announced volume production begins early next year on the powerplants.

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From the early development stages, Jaguar Land Rover and its engineers wanted the new engine family to be configurable and flexible in order to enable seamless installation on a range of new vehicles. The motors are scalable up and down to create smaller or larger displacement variants in the future and will be able to accommodate a range of powertrain layouts including rear- and all-wheel drive, and both manual and automatic transmissions.

The basis for both the gasoline and diesel engines is an aluminum block that share the same bore, stroke, cylinder spacing and 500-cc cylinder capacity. Every powerplant will feature turbochargers, central direct high-pressure fuel injection, variable valve timing and start-stop technology, while the modular design enables the company to share many common internal components and calibration strategies.

The first volume production Ingenium engine will be a 2.0-liter diesel that the company is boasting will be “one of the most efficient and responsive” 2.0-liter turbo diesels in its segment.

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