Jaguar Land Rover Self-Learning Car Adapts to You

Jaguar Land Rover Self-Learning Car Adapts to You

Would you like it if your car already knew where you were headed and what you wanted to listen to on the radio before you even sat down in it?

Jaguar Land Rover is working towards exactly that, and is currently in the process of developing an intelligent, self-learning car that will recognize your driving habits and tailor the car’s settings to suit you.

Before you even enter the car, it will recognize who you are based on your smartphone, and adjust presets like the mirror angles, steering wheel position, cabin temperature and seat settings to suit you. Once in, the car’s ‘smart assistant’ will analyze your schedule and set the navigation based on where you you need to go that day, and if you’re running late, the smart assistant will offer to call or E-mail ahead to let someone know.

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In fact, if you make the same phone call everyday to the same person, the car will predict this behavior and suggest making the call automatically at that specific time.

Reminders will also be sent to your smartphone on days that you need to bring something along with you to a scheduled appointment, say your kid’s sports equipment. And it’s not just for the driver either. The smart assistant will recognize passengers in the car and activate their preferred infotainment and climate settings.

When it comes to the actual driving experience, this Jaguar Land Rover vehicle will be able to learn anyone’s driving style and will replicate it when the active cruise control is activated.

To see exactly how all this works when put together, check out the video below.

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