Jaguar Virtual Windshield Brings Video Games to Life

Jaguar Virtual Windshield Brings Video Games to Life

Jaguar is developing a new type of head-up display that covers the entire windshield, bringing a video game like display screen to life.

The ‘Virtual Windscreen’ will be able to display information onto the windshield in real time, and the brand has released a teaser video which shows how the technology would work at the race track.

A virtual line can be displayed directly on the road to show the driver the best way to take a corner, and it will change color based on when the brakes should be applied. Driver’s can also race against a virtual version of themselves, recorded from a previous lap and displayed directly on the windshield. The system can even set up virtual pylons to create a driving course on flat asphalt.

Thanks to eye-tracking technology, the images will appear to be 3D without the need of special glasses. Of course, speed, rpms, fuel level and other essential car stats would also be included in this head-up display.

Jaguar did not mention anything about production or when we can expect to see such technology in the real world, so for now it is simply a concept.

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