Maserati Sets 75,000 Unit Cap on Global Sales

Maserati Sets 75,000 Unit Cap on Global Sales

Most automakers strive to sell as many vehicles as they possibly can in a year, but that isn’t the case at Maserati. 

The Italian carmaker owned by Fiat Chrysler has decided that once it hits its annual goal of 75,000 units moved in a year, it will put a cap on sales to maintain the exclusivity of the brand. By 2015, Maserati believes it will sell 50,000 units and by 2018 the brand will hit its 75,000 unit cap.

Maserati is in the midst of doubling its dealer network to about 500 stores, to sustain and expand demand for the Quattroporte and new Ghibli sedan. Maserati considers the Ghibli to be its first real mass-market car, and much of the company’s growth will be built on the back of the new sedan.

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This year, Maserati is already set to overtake the 15,400 units that were sold in 2013, by the end of June.  If all goes according to plan, the brand will triple its revenue to about $8.2 billion by 2018.

At least two new models are on the horizon for Maserati which will also help bolster sales, an SUV and a sports car based on the Alfieri concept (pictured above).

GALLERY: Maserati Alfieri Concept Official Photos


[Source: Auto News]

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