Mazda5, Nissan Leaf No Longer Recommended by Consumer Reports

Mazda5, Nissan Leaf No Longer Recommended by Consumer Reports

The Mazda5 and Nissan Leaf are longer be recommended by Consumer Reports due to the vehicles poor crash-test results.

2014-Mazda5-after-IIHS-overlap-crashIn line with Consumer Reports criteria for recommending a vehicle, cars must perform adequately in Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) crash tests. A recent IIHS report spills the details of a dozen small cars and gave the Mazda5 and Nissan Leaf a Poor rating when it comes to the small overlap frontal crash test.

Additionally the IIHS found that the Mazda5 (seen right) earned just a Marginal rating in the side impact test, as well. This marks the Mazda as the only 2014 model that IIHS has tested to earn anything less than Acceptable.

When it came to the the Nissan Leaf (seen at top) it experienced 16 inches of intrusion into the lower passenger compartment during the small overlap test. The IIHS also noted that the instrument panel, parking brake pedal, and steering column were all pushed back toward the driver all elements that would risk significant injuries to the driver in the case of a crash.

As a result of these injury concerns and poor crash test performances, the IIHS will not give the cars a Top Safety Pick rating and the cars will no longer carry the recommendation of Consumer Reports.

  • Bug S Bunny

    Sorry C/R, I’d still buy the Mazda5 due to the availability of a 6-speed manual.