2015 Mustang SVT Spied Nürburgring Testing

2015 Mustang SVT Spied Nürburgring Testing

Ford is hitting the track with the Mustang SVT for some high-speed testing, which means that the car has shed its heavy body cladding and can finally be seen. 

Due to the extensive aero package and brake and tire upgrades, this may actually be a race-prepped version of the upcoming high-power Mustang. We can see a hood scoop, wider rocker panels, a front splitter and a quad tip exhaust. Getting the power to the road are Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, wrapped around multi-spoke wheels that feature cross-drilled rotors and massive calipers.

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For power, a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V8 is expected under the hood of this SVT car, and it may feature a flat plane crank. Power is unknown, but expect it to land somewhere around 500 hp.

According to our photographer on the scene, SVT has suffered a few catastrophic failures with the engine during testing, so the high-power SVT Mustang may be delayed.

GALLERY: SVT Mustang Spy Photos


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  • Honest Abe

    I’ll admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of the look of the new Mustang, but I’m loving this!

  • Ralph

    This is the BEST looking Mustang EVER… and I own a Camaro.

  • John Wineinger

    failure? Ford needs to quit cutting corners in the engine department. 5.0 Coyote
    piston slap, cold knock all over the NET. Don’t even go into the MT82 transmission. POS. Piston oil squirters for
    2012…Ford dropped the oil orifices/squirters on 2013 on up.to save fuel…….but seriously Mr. Engineer……..
    lets lighten the car. The bean counters at Ford are calling the shots and fluking up the platform. Focus ST
    piston failure as read on focusstdotorg Great……..what happened to the old tried and
    true Ford aka 2V 5.0? Getting too complex Ford for your own damned
    britches…….reliability has gone down across the line. I have had numerous
    Fords including 2000 Lightning, 2002 SVT Focus. 1989 2 door 5.0 GT. 2012 Mustang
    GT, 2013 Focus ST…………..2015 Mustang needs to go a a weight reduction

  • Saleen S351

    Your clearly retarded or blind. First for being a camaro owner and second for thinking this is the best looking Mustang ever. The front end looks like a Ford Fusion or a Mazda 6. Oh and your wife wants her camaro back…

  • WorkSmarterNotHarder

    Why don’t they just use the Aluminator XS? It’s got the forged internals, the boss ported heads, and 500+ crank that they’re looking for. Plus the fact that we already know IT WORKS. “Catastrophic failure” should only be describing that Ford Fusion front end. Ford should be busy making you fall in love with everything else about the car by putting their best foot forward.