Nissan Adds Faux Shift Feel to All CVTs for 2015

Nissan Adds Faux Shift Feel to All CVTs for 2015

Nissan recently announced changes to its 2015 lineup, with multiple vehicles receiving its D-Step Shift logic technology.

But what exactly is D-Step Shift logic? The technology will be integrated into every CVT-equipped Nissan model for the 2015 model year and its goal is to make the CVT sound and feel less like a CVT. Having been offered on the 2013 four-cylinder Altima and the redesigned 2014 Rogue, D-Step Shift logic can be found on the 2015 Versa, Versa Note, Sentra, Altima V6, Pathfinder and Quest models.

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The technology helps create the sensation that a CVT is shifting gears like a traditional automatic transmission even though it isn’t. Of all the automakers in the world, the Nissan  leads the way with CVT use and is hoping D-Step Shift logic not only helps respond to critics of the technology, but help cut down on mistaken complaints that the transmission is failing when it feels as if it isn’t changing gears.

The software changes in the D-Step Shift logic technology causes the CVT to jump ahead slightly in the gear ratios around 4,000 RPMs and helps create a subtle momentary drop in driving force to give it a sense of a gear change.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Jensche

    Worst solution ever!!
    Please keep the CVT as simple as possible, if the journalist are not happy good the customer is ok on cvt

  • ahmet

    I feel bad because there are no horses in front. It does not feel natural to be moving without a horse. Nissan please put some real size toy horses there.

  • Paul.

    My 2013 Altima 3.5 has this Ds mode but it doesn’t even feel like a real shift… Even the paddle shifters don’t make it feel like a real gear shift. The rpms will drop for a second but you don’t actually feel a gearshift. The car is still awesome but 99.9% of the time I just leave it in drive and let the cvt do its thing.

  • Snives1

    Skeuomorphic thinking 🙁

  • changeforgood

    the article is wrong the D step shift logic came out in 2015 models in late 2014 year, in 2014 models cars. I know because I current drive one, and it is also stated on nissan website.

  • mchan1

    Putting in the fake gear shifts basically defeats the purpose of a CVT.

    Nissan should’ve addressed the issue of the CVT noise and the engine braking which many people don’t like! Honda appears to have tweaked its CVT engines to be less noisy.