Nissan Note Nismo Coming This Fall… in Japan

Nissan Note Nismo Coming This Fall… in Japan

Nissan’s latest Nismo-tuned product is small, slick-looking and not slated to be sold in the U.S.

The company officially revealed the Nismo Note today ahead of its planned sales debut this fall ins Japan. Details about the car are being kept secret for now, but Nissan said says it plans to offer two versions: the Note Nismo and Nismo S.

Just like other Nismo products from the company, this car gets a more aggressive body kit, special wheels and a Nismo-specific color scheme. While the company hasn’t made plans to sell it in this market yet, the precedent is there with other manufacturers. For example, Ford sells the Fiesta ST here and that would ostensibly compete with a tuned version of the Note.

Nissan hasn’t s said anything about performance specifications for the car, so it’s hard to know whether it will be a particularly performance-focused product. But the company is offering sport buckets as standard equipment with the package and optional Recaro seats and the engine is supposed to be tuned for the S model.

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