Radioactive Used Cars Still Being Exported from Japan

Radioactive Used Cars Still Being Exported from Japan

Three years after the devastating Fukushima earthquake in Japan, radioactive used vehicles are surfacing in Central Asia.

According to a recent report, 70 used cars exported from Japan have increased levels of radiation and are currently being stored in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and cannot be sent back. Several shipments of cars have already been seized by the government over the last three years with some being sent back to Japan. Radioactive cars continue to make an appearance and not all of them are being detected right away.

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Currently a decision is being mulled over whether or not to scrap the vehicles, which are currently quarantined in an impound lot. Earlier this year in January, a shipment of 132 radioactive cars were detected heading into the port of Vladivostok and were barred from entry. Russia has been more successful at detecting irradiated vehicles due to regular screenings by customs officials, but vehicles being exported to Central Asia escape detection since they are often driven across the border from neighboring countries.

[Source: Autoweek]