Rally North America 2014 Rally US 50

Rally North America 2014 Rally US 50

Day Five – Dodge City, KS to Pueblo, CO

The final day is the shortest of the rally with a relatively quick jaunt over to Pueblo, CO. The only two stops for the day are the Granada War Rally-North-America-Rally-50-82.JPGRelocation Center & and Bent’s Old Fort. The reason being is teams need to finish early and get ready for some open lapping at Pueblo Motorsports Park.

Now, the Genesis is not a sports car and I’m not a professional driver, but having driven all the way to Pueblo I’m not about to pass up a few free laps around the track. The big boat is surprisingly composed and balanced around the tight track and I think it surprised a few Mustang and Challenger owners during the few brief laps I took. Not wanting to abuse a car never intended for the track, I somehow convince an owner of a Mitsubishi EVO and a Camaro V6 to allow me to take a few laps in their cars. I must be a charmer.


The Rally is Over, But is it Really?

With the rally over, teams all say their goodbyes and begin the trek home. For people like me, this is going to be a long drive back to the east coast. With such a daunting drive ahead, you’d think we’d get right to it. Wrong. Rally-North-America-Rally-50-98.JPGOver the half the teams the morning after the rally head north to Pikes Peak to climb the famous hill. The big Genesis makes it up to the top no problem, but at 14,000 feet, the V6 becomes quite anemic and struggles to haul the portly sedan around some of slower the bends.

Adding one extra checkpoint to the adventure is not enough for some teams and they continue heading west, determined to make it all the way to the end of Route 50 in San Diego. That basically sums up Rally North America. A group of people, who just want to get in their cars, drive, explore and have a great time. And raising over $109,000 for charity is just the icing on the cake.

Road Rally Essentials

Spending 4,000 miles in a car over a nine day period requires a few essentials to help survive the long days. Here a few products we put to the test during the US 50 Rally.

Rally-North-America-Rally-50-01Rally-North-America-Rally-50-103.JPGMagellan Smart GPS – Portable navigation systems can be a life saver in a navigational road rally and the Magellan was a welcome companion. Although the interface is a bit confusing and complicated to use, we do like how custom cruising speeds can be adjusted, the red light/speed camera warnings and the real time traffic/construction updates.

Rally-North-America-Rally-50-01Rally-North-America-Rally-50-106.JPGMotorola Talkabout 2-Way MR565CR FRS Radios – The rallies feature hours upon hours of driving and since teams are in separate vehicles, communication can be difficult. We always use two way radios on these rallies so we can talk to each other while travelling. These Motorola units were flawless and offer great battery life and decent range.

Rally-North-America-Rally-50-01Rally-North-America-Rally-50-102.JPGGoo Gone Automotive Spray Gel – Removing vinyl decals from a car is equivalent to removing a band-aid. Even if all the glue from under the vinyl is removed, there is still a sticky residue left behind outlining the shape of the decal. Goo Gone and elbow grease make quick work of this glue and are essential in cleaning up after a rally.

Rally-North-America-Rally-50-01Rally-North-America-Rally-50-105.JPGMobicool W45 Portable Cooler – After being on the road for 7 hours a day, nothing is better than a cold drink. We decided to test out this plug in mobile cooler to see if it would keep our water and soda cold during our long drives. After the first day we discovered it cannot make warm liquids cold, even after five hours with the cooler on. But it will keep already cold beverages chilled all day long without issue.

* – all items provided for evaluation courtesy of Canadian Tire.

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