Run-Flat Tires Improve But They’re Still Not Great: TireRack

Run-Flat Tires Improve But They’re Still Not Great: TireRack

Is a mass-market run-flat tire good enough to find its way on your car? recently published its results of a run-flat tire comparison and concluded that advancing tire technologies do make it easier for drivers of mainstream vehicles to consider run-flat tire replacement options. In the past, run-flat tires have been limited in availability, since vehicles needed special wheels and suspension in order to use run-flat tires. But now, Bridgestone has developed DriveGuard, which is the first full line of mass-market run-flat tires.

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While offering the convenience of being able to drive up to 50 miles at up to 50 mph without air, run-flat tires still have their downsides. There’s a modest penalty in ride quality and fuel economy, according to the report, but there’s always a price to pay for convenience.

“By understanding that most consumers find buying replacement tires a mundane, often confusing task, began testing the tires it sells nearly two decades ago, and our goal remains the same today, to empower consumers to make an educated tire buying decision,” said Matt Edmonds, vice president,


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