Tesla Hacking Competition Returns Anticlimactic Results

Tesla Hacking Competition Returns Anticlimactic Results

If you were hoping something monumental would come from the “Hack-a-Tesla” contest in China, prepare to be disappointed.

Though one hacking group was able to infiltrate the Tesla Model S, they were only able to remotely control the vehicle’s lights, horn and sunroof. It’s not quite the event some had hoped, and it wasn’t enough to win the $10,000 prize, but it was good enough to catch the electric American automaker’s attention.

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Since the competition, which wasn’t sanctioned by Tesla, the automaker has stated that it hopes the researchers behind the hack inform Tesla how it was done so that a fix can be put in place. So if you were hoping a team would be able to topple the Tesla Model S and expose a huge security risk, you’re out of luck.

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[Source: Car and Driver]

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