Tesla Names Next Sedan ‘Model III’

Tesla Names Next Sedan ‘Model III’

Tesla’s “affordable” third generation sedan might have a name to run with instead of being called the Model E.

The smaller sedan will be more affordable than the Model S sedan, which stars at about $74,000 and can easily run above $100,000. CEO Elon Musk said during an interview with AutoExpress the next sedan, which is suppose to be priced roughly in line with a BMW 3 Series, will be named the Model III.

As you might already know, the new car is supposed to offer 200 miles of driving range and will be able to use the brand’s expanding network of Superchargers.

Increasing its battery supply is one of the biggest challenges Tesla faces in bringing that car to market. The company is currently working toward building a massive battery production facility in the South West that it has yet to name an official location for. Instead, Musk is plotting as many as three locations that he plans to break ground on before committing to a state.

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