Tesla Settles Lemon Law Lawsuit for $126K

Tesla Settles Lemon Law Lawsuit for $126K

Tesla has decided to settle with the self-proclaimed King of the Lemon Laws, Vince Megna. 

The American automaker has paid $126,836 as a result of the lawsuit, which includes the cost of the Model S in question and Megna’s lawyer fees of $18,500.

The lawsuit was originally filed in April, with Megna alleging that his client’s Tesla Model S had a plethora of problems including door handle malfunctions and blowing fuses. Tesla posted a rebuttal that implied that the issues suffered were not major, and that tampering caused some of the issues.

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The case has been officially dismissed as of June 26 with Tesla paying off his client, Robert Montgomery. It will remain a mystery whether or not the Model S truly had issues to begin with, as it looks like Tesla simply settled in order for the saga to end. Naturally, Megna has released yet another epic video to celebrate his victory.

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  • Alan Dean Foster

    Tesla pays out $127,000, gets back $95,000 car. Cheap pest control.