Top 10 Cars We’re Tired Of Waiting For

Top 10 Cars We’re Tired Of Waiting For

Stop The Teasing

“Soon” is quite possibly the least satisfying answer possible, yet we hear it countless times about exciting new cars.

Some get a green light and others are shelved in order to make resources for a variety of reasons. Here’s our list of cars that we’ve been hearing about for years only to be left twiddling our thumbs. Automakers swear they’re coming, but we just don’t know when.

  • smartacus

    We have been hearing rumors of a new Supra since the 90’s. How many people have been born, and in fact given birth themselves, but still no Supra.

  • Martin

    Where is Arrinera Hussarya?

  • Mcan

    You might have also added a new alfa romeo sedan in the list

  • Transpower

    Good list, but you forgot the Porsche Cayenne S -E Hybrid….

  • Rickers

    Who on earth wants that?

  • Transpower

    PHEVs are the future; what do you want–a gas guzzler???

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    @disqus_TqdCEwnw7y:disqus That would have been a great addition to the list. The Panamera S E-hybrid was just the appetizer, we’re ready for the full meal!

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    Haha, I contemplated putting the whole Alfa brand as an entry, but apparently the 4c should be hitting North America real soon, as this Five-point inspection by Craig Cole proves:

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    I think the same can be said about a Mazda RX-7 successor! (and no, the RX-8 just doesn’t count)

  • Vdub Snub

    Volkswagen GTD, anyone? I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve said, “yes, it’s coming!” — only to backtrack with mealy-mouthed statements like, “it’s under consideration.”

  • Rickers

    I don’t want anything BECAUSE it guzzles gas. I was something because it’s fun. I could see a plug-in hybrid being fun… but a Cayenne…

  • Felix James

    I only understood two of those words.

  • Rusty

    Damn right! Where’s ma GTD!

  • Transpower

    The Cayenne is the sportiest and most fun SUV you can buy. Most luxury vehicles cannot be fully depreciated according to federal tax law but SUVs over a certain weight limit, like the Cayenne, can!

  • Ranier Wolfcastle

    The GTD is in Europe, go live there and enjoy your “diesel sporty car.”

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    The only thing people are waiting for is Mitsubishi to stop building junk.

  • Felix James

    LOL. So true. Diesel engines suck.

  • dieselboy

    Strange to see you want diesel in USA. What happened? Did a gallon of fuel cost 5$ suddenly? We pay 1,4 euro for 1 liter diesel. Yeah. And that is, till your dollar rises back vs euro. Then we will pay even more. Next up here is a BAN of old diesel cars (polution – fine particles dus in citues causing cancer) – just buy petrol. In Europe is way to much petrol since here we all drive diesel. Don’t upset the market. We will ALL pay more if you buy diesel.

  • VolkswagenYLH

    Boycott of Japanese goods!!!