Volkswagen Eos Gets Final Edition, Routan Finally Gone

Volkswagen Eos Gets Final Edition, Routan Finally Gone

Volkswagen has announced changes heading to its 2015 model lineup.

The biggest news is that the Volkswagen Eos will bid farewell after the 2015 model year and the German automaker is giving the convertible a Final Edition. The Final Edition trim will replace the Sport model and adds 18-inch Vicenza wheels, unique Cosmik Beige and black two-tone Vienna leather seating surfaces, contrast stitching, silver net interior trim, a rearview camera and rain-sensing wipers. In addition, the German automaker has confirmed that the Routan will no longer be offered. Word of its cancellation isn’t new, but the company did produce a small number of Routans for the 2014 model year. For 2015, it finally bites the dust.

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Those looking forward to the refreshed Touareg will be glad to hear that the facelifted model will come as a 2015 model year vehicle with updated styling and interior enhancements. The 2015 Touareg will also benefit from a host of new driver assistance systems with more details coming closer to its launch.

The Beetle model also gets some nice changes for the 2015 model year with the addition of the company’s new EA288 four-cylinder TDI engine. The 2.0-liter diesel makes 150 hp and gets an EPA-estimated high fuel economy of 41 mpg, a two-mpg improvement over the previous model despite having 10 hp more. A new and limited-edition Classic trim also joins the lineup with unique seat fabric, front lumbar supports, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, shift knob and parking brake, three-color ambient lighting, RNS 315 navigation and a six-speed automatic transmission.

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  • KG

    Glad to see the Routan gone. My 09 was such a crappy vehicle and VW so mis-handled all the problems that we had to deal with, I don’t think I would ever buy another VW again. An I’ve had about 12 over the years.

  • Dodoma

    please reconsider your decision of not to ever but another VW. VW has improved quality and has hired many US workers to build/assemble vehicle here in US.

  • John E

    That does not fix the dealership problem.

    My bigger gripe is that we Yanks can no longer get European models, such as the B5 generation Passat wagon, which was sold on both sides of the Atlantic. They just unveiled a great-looking 8th generation Passat wagon in Germany, but we won’t get it here.

  • David

    You owned a Chrysler product, not a VW product.

  • David

    “We Yanks” have never been able to get the same vehicles as the Europeans.
    Put the blame where the blame lies. U.S. Government regulations.
    Everything the Feds touch turns to shi, oops, crud.

  • MS

    very sad what has become of VW. I was a die hard VW fan. still have an 88 Cabriolet Boutique. But the beginning of the end was when they moved production to Mexico. They have been building uninspiring junk ever since!

  • larryjj

    There is still no excuse for their lousy to non existent warranty service.
    With their we can not find any thing wrong attitude
    And —–
    We will only attempt to repair it once

    If they will make any effort at all